Regulatory compliance


  • Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network (adopted on 26 February 2004).


  • Llei sobre la protecció civil, aprovada pel Consell General en la sessió del dia 20 de novembre de 1984.


  • Circular No 2000-63 of 25 August on safety in tunnels on the national road network.
  • Transposition of European Directive No. 2004/54/EC for tunnels over 500 metres in length.
  • Decree No 2005-701 of 24 June, defines new procedures and stakeholders for new and existing tunnels over 300 m in length.
  • Circular No 2006-20 annuls Circular No 2000-63 with the exception of the TI (technical instructions).
  • Decree No 2006-1354 of 8 November modifies and completes the procedures and stakeholders defined in the previous decree.


  • Royal Decree 635/2006 “on minimum safety requirements in State road tunnels” B.O.E. 27 May 2006 and amendment of 31 July.
  • Law 25/1988, of 29 July 1988, on roads.
  • Royal Legislative Decree 339/1990 of 2 March, approving the text of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.
  • Royal Decree 13/1992 of 17 January 1992, approving the General Traffic Regulations.
  • Royal Decree 1812/1994 of 2 September, approving the General Road Regulations.
  • In addition to the above legislation, the following serves as a reference, although it is not compulsory:

ORDRE of 19 November 1998 approving the Ordinance for the design, construction and operation of underground works for land transport (IOS 98). This ordinance, despite having been annulled, is a significant point of reference.