Discount for residents or workers in Pas de la Casa

You can now download the application form for a reduced fare by clicking HERE. This application form along with the corresponding documentation must be submitted during office hours or dropped off in the mailboxes located on the ground floor, available 24 hours a day.

For full details of the documentation required to apply for a fare reduction, please contact us at: +376 755 670.



  1. The fare reduction applies only if the user uses the payment system chosen at the time the request is submitted.
  2. Payment systems are mutually incompatible.
  3. Discounts are not cumulative.
  4. Application of the fare reduction is subject to the holder’s compliance with the conditions set out in the request and therefore authorises the Government of Andorra to notify the concessionaire of any cancellations.
  5. The interested party agrees to identify himself/herself (passport or similar document) to the employees of the concessionaire if so required.
  6. The identification card belongs to the concessionaire, is personal and non-transferable, can only be used by the holder and implies acceptance of the established rules.
  7. The ID card can only be used on manual lanes. The enabled credit card can be used on both manual and automatic lanes.
  8. The transfer, lending, borrowing, lending and use for persons other than the holder of the ID card and/or the enabled credit card is strictly prohibited.
  9. Failure to comply with the conditions of use implies the suspension of the right to the fare reduction.