The Túnel d'Envalira is committed to the environment. ISO 14001 certification.

Respect for the environment and the conservation of the natural environment have always been taken into consideration from the very beginning of the Túnel d'Envalira concession.

Prior to the start of the construction work, during construction and once the road is in operation, actions have been implemented to restore and protect the natural environment, including the following:

  • The area of intervention has been limited as much as possible. Natural paths have been maintained wherever possible.
  • Felling has been strictly controlled to ensure maximum respect for the environment.
  • Every removal has been studied individually in order to preserve as much of the tree mass as possible.
  • All operations have been done to avoid the areas and times when wildlife breed in order to encourage them to stay in the area.
  • Finally, but most importantly, all the slopes were hydroseeded where the quality of the soil allowed it.


Several actions are taken to ensure the Concession is in perfect condition, both in terms of safety and its integration into the natural environment:

  • Landscaping, pruning, mowing and care of the replanted vegetation, as well as ornamental plants, in an annual cycle that keeps them in optimum condition.
  • All the enclosure fences are periodically inspected to ensure that animals cannot enter traffic areas.
  • Trees have been replanted in suitable places to supplement the natural replacement of the area.
  • In the summer season, landscaped areas and woodland in the process of consolidation are irrigated.